Who I Am

Beverly Cordes

On October 29th, 1990, I had a spontaneous pneumothorax with both lungs. What this means it that both of my lungs collapsed. From what I was told, a bleb inside of my lung burst and the air leaked out of my lungs into the pleural space and from there it was all downhill. I share a glimpse into my life in the book, Breathing For Life: Our Stories.

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This book will have meaning whether you are the patient, caregiver or clinician. I hope you will purchase your copy of Breathing For Life: Our Stories.

I have always desired to do something that would leave the world better than it was.

Because of a personal battle with pulmonary disease, I listened and responded when everything within me kept saying the world needs more awareness of pulmonary disease. Also, I recognized those living with restrictive breathing need to be able to share a part of their lives with the world about how pulmonary disease affects their lives or has affected the life of a loved one.

At age 27, my life, like a home in a tornado, was swept up, tossed about, and dropped somewhere, barely discernible even to me, all within 24 hours. My twister turned into pulmonary disease. I battled this formidable monster non-stop for a long time just for my life. I became ill mid-October, 1990, and by month’s end, this raging storm in my body had landed me in a critical unit hospital bed, on a ventilator, with 3 tubes in my chest, getting ready to take a flight for my life and getting ready to be in the fight “for” my life. In spite of the bad, the negative, and the traumatic in my story, the most excellent part is that God has graced me with over 21 precious years after that near-fatal battle. The battles never end and, so far, neither have my conquests.

In 2005, I relocated to North Carolina. In 2006, I found myself back on disability and in a pulmonary rehabilitation program at the Duke Center for Living. I attend sessions regularly to have and to maintain the best quality of life possible while still living with restrictive breathing. My prayer is that, for those who have opened their hearts and shared their stories, they, too, will make an impact and help the next person that finds him or herself walking the same path? or wearing the same shoes.

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