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Breathing for Life – Our Stories
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Photo Library
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contrast in art examples
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Curtis was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis which is the formation or development of excess fibrous connective tissue in the lungs. It is also described as “scarring of the lung”. Curtis knows the benefits of rehab on his lungs and tries to incorporate it into his life on a daily basis.

Wanda & Darlene

Wanda & Darlene

Wanda and Darlene are preparing for their pulmonary rehab workout.

They know the benefits of coming to rehab on a regular basis to experience a better quality of life living with lung disease.

Co-authors preparing for book sales

Co-authors preparing for book sales

Co-authors of Breathing For Life: Our Stories Jim Clary, Joan Fox , Beverly Cordes and her granddaughter help to set up the book sales table at the Fred Krenrich annual golf tournament.

Caring Rehab staff

Caring Rehab staff

The pulmonary rehab staff work very hard to keep the patients moving and encourage the patients to not give up.

Hard working staff

Hard working staff

The pulmonary rehab staff work very hard to keep the patients moving and encourage the patients to not give up.