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My pulmonary journey tells a story of living life with new lungs. I was diagnosed approximately college level compare and contrast essay http://essaywriterusa.com twenty-two years ago, following the birth of my daughter.

I experienced some shortness of breath and tightness in my chest. My shortness of breath eventually began to become a problem at work. My pulmonologist placed me in a pulmonary rehab program. I received a dual lung transplant in 2004 at Duke University Medical Center.

Thanks to God for having given me a second chance in life. I will live it to the fullest!
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Always ready to confront life head on, my “can do, I can handle anything” spirit over the last three months had been smashed and replaced with a paralyzing numbness and nothingness. How much more was there for a soul to absorb? My pulmonary journey is a story of hope. I was en route to a transplant, my destination was reached on 11/11/11.

My work toward a transplant was made easier by the therapists and staff at the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program at the Duke Center for Living. After my transplant, I still spend my time reading, writing, meditating and inspiring others to live their best each and every day.





I am living with Atypical Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and I say to never, never give up. I am a retired 69-years-old high technology company executive and business owner. I determined years ago that my top priority must be to survive. Otherwise, I could not accomplish anything else.

I have to think of my family members and be in a reasonable quality of life to enjoy them. If I am fortunate enough to remain physically strong and active…my next goal is to do something to help publicize the little know IPF disease…I hope to become a spokesman for IPF and help raise research funds.


I share with you of a story of a journey within. I am a lung cancer survivor. My story actually began in 2006, however by Feb 2010, I found myself scheduled for surgery. I told the people I wanted to know. I cried a little. I researched lung studies a little. Week two before my surgery, I met the devil.

The fear that crept into my bedroom in the night was oppressive. I wanted to cancel my operation or have it immediately. I recall my hospital stay as three days in the belly of a whale! The Center for Living provided many things besides a destination to build back up.

I walk two to three miles a day now, summer and winter, without a mask. I draw comfort in the words of the mystic, Julian of Norwich, ” All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.”



Being diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) saved my life and my story is about moving forward with the challenges of life. As a former smoker, I never imagined my life would turn out the way it did.

I was never a heavy smoker, …so I thought I was living a somewhat healthy life. I immediately quit after being diagnosed with asthma but more health issues came along years down the road.

I was diagnosed with sleep apne…I was told that I had a chronic case of COPD. I had to have a¬†Tracheotomy. Living with COPD, I have good days and bad days.

Thank God, most of days have been good days.



As a Caregiver, I loved my mother to life, along with my siblings with the love we share for our mother. I’ll never forget that day.

It was on Wed, September 4, 2002. After I got myself together, I called my brothers and sisters and gave them the grave news. We all realized that this was a life or death decision, and without hesitation, we chose life for our mother.

Through it all, I have never left her side. I know I am doing exactly what God had planned for my life. We are still maintaining, vacationing, and living a very fulfilled life. I love you mom.