About Us

Breathing For Life


This project “Breathing for Life” was formed from an idea sparked by Beverly Cordes as a need and also awareness in order to discover a cure, cause and funding for Pulmonary Disease.

With this, a group was formed from an affiliation with the disease that has affected them. These members affected are not limited to themselves but also to family members. Within this group each member affected wanted to share their story.

By putting it into a form of communication, they hope to start a funding to donate toward an organization, of their choosing, that will go toward the research for the cure of Pulmonary Disease.comparison and contrast essay example college http://essaywriterusa.com/

These contributors met at the Duke Center for Living Fitness Center and though the disease is the same, each one has their own story to tell.

These contributors were treated within the same facility, health care system and rehab where they met the same path to which they wanted to make a change for future cases of this lung disease.

The project itself is an independent organization but is seeking for a more abounding of physical sponsors. “Breathing for Life” is currently seeking proposals toward other organizations that are also searching for the same outcome. The stock trading room look at here provides students. The overall goal for the project is to seek for leverage that will help go to the proper research for a cure.

We are looking to become a nonprofit, preferably 501C3, so we can take in tax deductible donation to be able to rise a broaden amount to go back toward this research.
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With your help we are absolutely sure we can make this happen so others affected by this disease can seek tranquility knowing there is someone who is willing to fight this disease.


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