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Who is InPraize

Posted by in Stephanie | July 22, 2012
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Who is InPraize and Why Does She Care About
Breathing For Life?

Hello, my name is Stephanie Carter, but around the Internet communities, I’m known as “InPraize”. I am so honored that Beverly has allowed me to become a part of this awesome project, bringing to light the lives, struggles and victories of individuals living with pulmonary diseases. My reason for caring is simple….I have been an asthmatic since the age of 13 months, and at no time have I outgrown the symptoms or stigma that comes along with this disease.

I have had ups and downs living with asthma (and subsequently emphysema and bronchitis), but the love and support of a great family and good friends have helped me live my life with dignity and filled with fun and laughter.

Asthma is a disease that has been in my family for generations. Typically, one out of two children born into our family has the disease, both male and female. The interesting part is that most of the males outgrow the disease by puberty; and most of the females outgrow it by the time they are in their twenties. Then, there is Stephanie. I’ve had full blown asthma all my life. The running joke use to be that Stephanie has never experienced the first day of school, because she has always been either sick at home, or sick in the hospital. This is something that followed me clear into college.

There was a brief period of time that I was on full-time oxygen treatment and I frequently need to utilize a nebulizer at home. In addition, I have sleep apnea, which requires sleeping with a c-pap machine each night.

Well, now that you know me, what can you expect from my posts? Just about anything. From childhood to adult memories of dealing with asthma, as well as dealing with other’s misconceptions about asthma and asthmatics, I’ll also be educating others about what asthma, emphysema, bronchitis and sleep apnea really consist of and the ins and outs of the treatments.

Be blessed,